The battle between TI and KodakBlack has continued, as now the Florida rapper has responded to Tip in a new diss song “Expeditiously.”
On Monday night, Kodak dropped his latest song “Expeditiously,” which takes shots at several artists, including Tip and TheGame. However, the track’s focal point was targeted at the Atlanta rapper. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
After Kodak’s insensitive and controversial comments about wanting to pursue the late NipseyHussle’s longtime girlfriend LaurenLondon, many celebs spoke out against the rapper’s words. What started off as back and forth of Instagram posts eventually turned into full on diss tracks. T.I. previewed his song on IG, and a few days later Kodak released Expeditiously.
“Young n***a stickin’ to the code, ’cause I don’t condone snitching,” Kodak spits on the track. “I ain’t going out like that rapper, I don’t do no tippin’…” He continued, “…When he said my name on the TV, that boy a bold witness/On the news, see T.I.P., that boy don’t got no feelings,” he continues. “…They say The Game strippin’, old heads ain’t hitting on nothin’…” he continued.
Kodak also went after T.I.’s wife Tiny by insulting her looks. The 21-year-old also claimed Tip never knew Nipsey on a personal level. However, this entire ordeal doesn’t seem to be working in Kodak’s benefit, as the Trap Museum in Atlanta recently removed his exhibit and radios are now refusing to play his music.

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