Nigerian musician Timaya has weighed in on the arrest of Naira Marley by EFCC. The dancehall singer who has been off the radar for a while reflected hard on this matter in the comfort of his beautiful home. He came to the conclusion that Naira Marley’s recent travails were all caused by the way he used his tongue.
In a video shared on his Instagram page, the singer used Naira Marley as a case study to prove that the tongue is indeed powerful and attached to one’s fortunes and misfortunes.

According to him, in the music video of Am I Yahoo Boy sang by Naira Marley, he was arrested. Just the next day, the singer was imprisoned in real life. Timaya did not see this a mere coincidence. Rather, he saw it as an indication that the tongue is powerful.

The dancehall star did not just use Naira Marley as an example, he extended his examples to other musicians like Dagrin, Tu Pac, Tentacion and more. Timaya pointed out that all these singers died just as soon as they sang about death.
Drawing on these examples, Timaya urged his fans to be careful with the use of their tongue. According to him, life is spiritual, and thus, the words uttered by the tongue can come into manifestation.

Watch the video below:

Many Nigerians have found Timaya’s words very instructive. See some of their reactions below:

demidebe: “That’s why you always sing about money and babes so that life can guy..”

dreamboatmotivator:”True matter the life na spiritual the spiritual leads the physical but is people that don’t have sense won’t understand… Everybody have powert giving to him or her by God. I wonder why people believe in pastors but don’t believe in their self. Any thing you say have power because my dad use to say your words are like bullet once you shoot it you can’t take it back.. Even that nairamarley stuff I love nairamarley but sincerely that statement wasn’t good but some blind followers won’t see true and say they want to die with ignorance.”

mr.2kay: “I’m always inspired… and I also remember when u never even hold as u hold now, u dey always dey sing…. I’m a very big boy!, I’m a very big boy!!… timaya is a very big… (timaya don blow ooh) not to forget ur faith dey motivate me. When u wanted a Bentley badly and u couldn’t afford it then, senibo u first buy a Bentley key holder believing God for the cash to buy the Bentley, in less then a month you buy Bentley.. ur faith dey burst my head. I salamaleku for u.”

senseiuche: “Anyone that doesn’t know that their Words are part of their essence and life, should take heed from today.”

esinulo: “There’s power in the tongue, is it only for bad things. Me that has been singing and saying “I want a Mercedes” since last year….nothing yet. They will say you shld work hard for it, but if it’s evil now …..the wish will be granted sharply. I don’t know who grants these wishes though.”

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