Authorities have confirmed that 50 Cent never snitched on his known rival Jimmy Henchman, but someone has gone to extreme lengths to prove otherwise.⠀
According to TMZ, a fake “Report of Investigation” by the U.S. Dept. of Justice’s DEA Office has been circulating for a while. The falsified document said that 50 Cent called the feds in 2009 and gave them information about ex-music mogul Jimmy Henchman, whose real name is James Rosemond.⠀
At the time, Rosemand was said to be involved in the murder of one of 50’s friends, Lodi Mack. Mack had allegedly beat up Rosemond’s 14-year-old son in New York City before his death. Rosemond was eventually convicted in connection to the murder, after investigators proved he had hired someone to kill Mack.⠀
The report cites that 50 Cent offered information to the investigation and was responsible for putting Jimmy Henchman behind bars. The rapper allegedly called anonymously to name Rosemond as a suspect and get protection because he feared for his life, but the feds say this is fake news.⠀
Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the documents floating around are completely fabricated and don’t exist. In fact, 50 Cent was never recorded or listed as an informant in Rosemond’s case. ⠀
Looks like someone had a personal vendetta against the rapper and wanted to diminish his “street credibility.” Surprisingly, 50 Cent has yet to comment.

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